The Rubbish Pile: Masonic Lodges in Haiti Attempt to Rebuild Amidst Despair

Anthropologists have long since documented the global discrimination towards Haiti that has consciously contributed to its inability to prepare for a natural crisis such as a hurricane. The question being asked by many is "why is Haiti so poor?" Whether one goes back the the slave revolts or Papa Doc or anti-Aristide coups, Haiti has endured great hardships, rebelled against the establishment that oppresses it and fought to overcome the economic bullying by corporate interests from North America, France and elsewhere. It has been deforested in the process, but there are untold amounts of precious fossil fuels beneath the surface of Haiti. These things bring in parties who do not have Haiti's best interest at heart. The Haitian people turn to their spiritual practices to cope with disaster, and this strengthens them. However, so many of their cathedrals, temples and lodges are now in ruins as a result of the recent quake. Here are some photos of the devastation that has hit the Masonic community in Haiti. The original Grand Orient d'Haiti building has been completely devastated along with the nearby Cathedral, the home of the Bishop, the foreign embassies and other government buildings on Rue de Magasin.

Haiti's speculative Masons are having to focus their efforts on physical, operative work to rebuild as seen in the photos taken at various Masonic temples on February 8th, 2010.

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Keep a candle lit with your prayers for our brethren in Haiti...