Alchemical catechism and Théodore-Henri de Tschoudy of the Order of the Blazing Star (1766)

Author of not only the Alchemical Catechism (supposedly extracted from secret Vatican archives), Baron Tschoudy produced two works which were released posthumously and against his own wishes:  L'Écossais de Saint André d'Écosse” in 1781 and "GIGE ou Chevalier d'Ecosse" in 1782.  You may periodically come across copies of L’toile Flamboyante by Tschoudy.  Born in Metz on August 21st, 1727, he died in Paris on May 25, 1769 at the age of 42.  A.E. Waite had at one point speculated on whether it was Tschoudy or Antoine-Joseph Pernety who had authored the Knight of the Sun, but this alchemical degree and its Solomonic scale was clearly the work of Dr. Pierre-Jacques Willermoz, (physician, chemist and noted contributor to the Royal Academy of Sciences in France).  Tschoudy was concerned with the Desert Fathers (Kadosh) and the initiation transmitted via the Knights of Palestine.  He is believed to have authored the original 29th degree of the Scottish Rite, Knight of Saint Andrew.