The passing of Most Rev. Kt. Herbert A. Fisher, C.B.C.S.

Earlier today, 21 August 2015, we lost a great man.  Herb, at 90 years old, was a living legend amongst the Orders of Freemasonry, and his accomplishments and contributions to the gentle craft, the brotherhood of the Rosy Cross and to Templary will be chronicled for centuries to come.  Those of us who were privileged to count him as not only a brother but as a friend with whom we shared intimate moments and conversations with, can take some satisfaction in knowing that Herb leaves behind such a legacy.  

Herbert Arthur Fisher was born on November 19, 1924 in Portlock, Virginia to Charles Cleveland Fisher and Sally Latimer.  He served in the Pacific Air Command of the United States Army and the 1938th Corps of Engineers of the Army Air Corps and was discharged as a T/5 (Technician, 5th Class).  Herb went on to serve in the most prestigious ranks of invitational and Christian Orders of Freemasonry in the world, notably as Secretary General of the High Council of the Societas Rosicruciana In Civitatibus Federates and as Great Prior and then Great Chancellor of the Great Priory of America Knights Beneficent of the Holy City.  His name is well known amongst the leadership of the various obediences of mainstream and regular Freemasonry from Geneva to Scotland to Brazil and Mexico.

In 1951, he married Jacqueline Anne Wentz (deceased). From this union three children were born: Kelly Ann Cappetta (David), Todd Steven Fisher and Kerry Irene Fisher.  On April 23rd, 1977, Herb married his wife Phyllis.  He is survived by a beautiful family of children, grandchildren (Meredith, Taryn, Brandy, Jessica, Anastasia, Scott, Galyna, Rachel, Haily, Victoria, Ethan and Christian) and great grand children.

NOTICE:  Memorial Services celebrating Herb's life will be held@
Holloman Brown Funeral Home
Lynnhaven Chapel/Crematory
3600 Virginia Beach Blvd. Virginia Beach, VA 23452 
(757) 463-0150
NOTE:  Visitation will be Monday beginning at 4 pm with a service following at 5 pm

Herb's Masonic Curriculum Vitae is extensive to say the least, but he always insisted that it start off with the following two phrases:

Lest We Forget “All Glory is Fleeting”

He was Entered, Passed and Raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason in South Norfolk Lodge No. 339 in 1949.
He proudly served as Grand Registrar of the Grand College of Rites for 21 years.  Harold Van Buren Voorhies appointed him to the position as a trial by fire.  Herb would go on to be honored as a PAST GRAND CHANCELLOR, Grand Cross and Past Grand Registrar Ad Vitam. 

Fifty Year Member: South Norfolk Masonic Lodge No. 339 AF&AM, (1999)
Fifty Year Member: Royal Arch Chapter (2000)
Fifty Year Member: Grice Commandery No 16, KT Norfolk Virginia 
Senior Past Master and Fellow, Virginia Research Lodge No 1777 AF&AM (Premier Lodge of Research in Virginia)
Grand Representative of Grand Lodge of Romania near Grand Lodge of VA.


Memberships, offices, positions and honors
1.   Grand Commander Virginia 1978-1979 
2.   Honorary Past Department Commander  1991
3.   Senior Aide de Camp the following Most Eminent Grand Masters
A.  Donald Hinslea Smith                   1985- 1988 
B.  Marvin Edward Fowler                 1988- 1991
C.  William Henry Thornley,Jr.          1991- 1994
D.  Blair Christy Mayford                   1994- 1997
E.  James Morris Ward                        1997- 2000
4.  Chairman Necrology Committee    1991-2000 
5.  Knight Commander Temple, Grand Encampment, KT
6. Knight Grand Cross of the Temple, Grand Encampment, KT
7. Member Grand Masters Club, ( Eye Foundation), # 1976 for year 1993 &          
    # 4016 for year 2002

Member No. 1755 Garden of Gethsemane No. II  December 12, 1964
1.    Knight of the Christian Mark
2.    Knight of St Paul
3.    Knight of Patmos
4.    Knight of Death
5.    Knight of the Black Cross
6.    Knight of Bethany
7.    Knight of the White Cross
8.    Knight of Saint John
9.    Knight Priest of the Holy Sepulchre
10.Knight Priest of the Holy Order of Wisdom
11.Holy and Illustrious Order of the Cross
12.Knight Priest of Eleusis or Elysium
13.Knight of Harodim
14.Knight of the North
15.Knight of the South
16.Knight and Prince of the Sanctuary
17.Knight Grand Cross of St Paul
18.Knight of St John the Baptist
19.Knight Rosae Crucis
20.Knight of the Triple Cross or of the Three Crosses
21.Knight of the Holy Grave or of the Sepulchre
22.Knight of the Holy Virgin Mary
23.Knight of the White Cross of Torpichen
24.Grand Trinitarian Knight of St John
25.Knight Grand Cross of Saint John
26.Knight Priest of Jerusalem
27.Knight of Palestine
28.Knight of the Most Holy Cross
29.Knight Priest of the Tabernacle
30.Knight of the Redemption or of Mercy
31.Knight of Truth
32.Knight of the Red Cross of Rome
33.Holy Royal Arch Knight Templar Priest

Herb shares a moment with Michael N. Buckley the Supreme Magus of the Order of the Rose and Cross while Dr. Trevor Stewart makes his remarks from the podium
Past Preceptor Garden of Gethsemane Tabernacle No.II
Grand Prelate GEKT 1991-2001
Served as Grand Prelate, Grand College of America

HRAKTP Consecration of Grand Preceptory of France 1999
1999 - 2001
Knight Commander of Holy Wisdom
Knight Grand Cross of Holy Wisdom
Chevaliers Grand Croix De La Sainte Sagesse, France

Honors within this Order, conferred by Grand College:
Knight Commander of Holy Wisdom
Knight Grand Cross of Holy Wisdom
Past Puissant Sovereign of St Polycarp Conclave, Richmond Va.
Charter Member Saint Thomas Conclave, Chesapeake Va.
Past Intendant General, Division of Virginia
Knight Commander Constantine UGIC RCC  USA
Knight Commander Constantine, Conclave Henrique de Bourgogne Palmela, Portugal   2002
Chevalier Commandeur, Imperial Grand Conclave France

Past Chief Adept, Virginia College
Past Secretary Virginia College
Past Celebrant Virginia College
Secretary Supreme Magus College
Secretary General, KGC, The High Council, SRICF
Honorary Past Supreme Magus. SRICF
Honorary Past  Secretary General, Societas Rosicruciana in Lusitania
Honoray Past  Secretrary General Societas Rosicruciana in Gallia
Knight Grand Cross, Societas Rosicruciana Romania 4 22 05

Right Worthy Fra. Herbert A. Fisher IX, KGC with R.W. Fra. Piers A. Vaughan holding his 9th grade certificate and Most Worthy Thurman C. Pace Jr. IX KGC, Past Supreme Magus
A personal friend of +Robert Amadou, Herb considered the Scottish Rectified Regime to be his life's obsession, and he was eternally grateful to Harold V.B. Voorhis for introducing him to the likes of Lewis Richter of Ohio, Dr. Peacher et al. 

Great Priory of America,  Knights Beneficient of the Holy City, CBCS (Ne Plus Ultra)                 
Washington DC, CBCS meeting
Member No. 138, 1984
Great Prior,  1991
Great Chancellor 1995 - 2000
Knight Grand Cross 1991
Medaille D’ Honneur,  du Grand Prieure Rectifie De France CBCS
Visiteur General D’Honneur Grand Prieure Rectifie de France CBCS

Depositary-General Metropolitan College 

A&ASR Southern Jurisdiction
32nd Degree

post initiatory libations with his favorite single malt

Brother of the Royal Order of H.R.M. and Knight Rose Croix of the Knights of the R.S.Y.C.S.
Order of DEMOLAY
Legionaire, Honorary Legion of Honour
Masonic Brotherhood of the Blue Forget Me Not Member Number 208
Allied Masonic Degrees
Most Venerable Sovereign Grand Master, KGC 1991
Marvin Edward Fowler Distinguished Service Award (First Recipient) 2002
Grand Secretary-Treasurer Emeritus 2004
Society of the Six - Founder and Chief Officer   (1969) 
The  Order of St. Patrick
Valley of Fort Worth, Texas
Valley of Raleigh, North Carolina
Illustrious Order of Horace
Commonwealth of Virginia
Keeper of the Stables
Custodian of the Ark
Grand Order of Imps, International
Member No. 006 March 4th, 1997

Allied Masonic Degrees
Most Venerable Sovereign Grand Master, KGC 
Past Grand SecretaryHerbert Arthur Fisher No. 7 Council named after Herb in AMD of France.
HAF OVA Council No 442 Alexandria VA  8 05 06

Honorary Member & Knight of the Spur Trinity Commandery  No. 17, New Jersey 2006
University of Louisville - Adopted Alumni Society Member (1994)
Grand Knight of the Epsilon Chapter of the Black Eagle in the Sacred and Noble Order of the Knights CORVIDA
Knight Commander of the United Templar Rites under the Patriarch of the Greek Melkite Catholic Church
4th degree in the Swedenborgian Rite
Grand Sovereign in the Ancient & Accepted Rite

Elect Master Cohen in the Saint Sulpice Lodge of Knight Masons Elus Cohen of the Universe
Knight of the Holy Ghost, Commandery of St Finnian
Honorary Magus, ORC