The letter inside

Inside my hard bound edition of the Constitutions of the Grand Lodge of Massachussetts dated 1857, I found a handwritten and stamped and sealed letter from J.E. Gates, the Secretary of Denver No. 2 Chapter of Royal Arch Masons in Denver, Colorado.  It's addressed to the Right Reverend Bishop Randall, and it states that, "the following was unanimously adopted:

Resolved, That the thanks of this Chapter be tendered to our Companion Right Rev. Bishop Randall for the able and eloquent address delivered on the occasion of St. John the Baptist.  June 24th A. L. 5867"

J.E. Gates applied the seal for Denver Chapter No. 2 Royal Arch Masons.  Geo M. Randall actually headed the committee that compiled and published the 1857 Constitutions along with Memoir of Henry Price Esq and others of interest.