E John T Acaster

John, a retired banker and school inspector, was initiated in London in 1970. He spent six years there discovering Craft, Royal Arch, and Mark masonry before moving to Manchester, where he has since settled. He has been a founder of two Craft Lodges and a Royal Arch Chapter. Among the seven Lodges to which he belongs is the Manchester Lodge for Masonic Research No 5502, and he has recently become a member of Quatuor Coronati Lodge No 2076. He has also passed through the chairs of the A&AR and Secret Monitor.

John wrote many published articles on banking history before studying Freemasonry. The annual Transactions of the Manchester Association for Masonic Research from 1998 onwards contain several of his papers. Another may be found in the Transactions of the Lodge of Research, Leicester. Others are accessible at www.cornerstonesociety.com