sign of a high grade Mason

In speaking on the 22 Divine Names, Robert Ambelain attributes 7 Sephira to the 7 Liberal Arts and the symbolic ladder of the Knights of Kadosh as stressed by the Aristocratic Roman Catholic Masons of Metz in their letters to Jean Baptiste Willermoz. This ladder in turn is shown to be formed by two pillars and seven rings. "The two names of Yehovah and Adonai express Mercy and Power respectively. They form the combination Yahadonai (Aleph-Heh-Daleth-Vav-Nun-Yod). This is the name of seven letters. This Name of Power
expressed the desire of Pious Man to be in union with God, and at the same time with Divine Unity. It is the affirmation of faith (Amon or Omon). In all circumstances of Life, the mystic pronounces this collection of letters, so operating the liaison of the two Sacred Names. (Practical Kabbalah, 1999 PV translation)