Splendid Irony

It is June, so soon the Puerto Rican Day Parade will be upon us in New York City, and with it will come the yearly moment of reconcile and neutral bliss where the District Deputy Grand Masters are helped out of their convertible as the entire Parade comes to a halt on 5th Avenue with Telemundo and Channel 4 Cameras craning in as the Freemason color guard parts the way for the Masonic dignitaries to greet, grip, hug and acknowledge the Roman Catholic Clergy on the red carpet in front of St Patricks on 5th Avenue in Manhattan.


Sheihan said…
Brother Ken G. had this to say:

1. The 2002 letter from the Vicar in California is six years old and can be useful only to those priests within his jurisdiction.

2. The advice from Rome being quoted is just that--- Advide to the Bishops who in the case of the Los Angeles bishop allowed his Vicar to interpret it for the parishioners of his jurisdiction. Please remember the Catholic Church is very jurisdictional. The bishop has his jurisdiction as does a grand master. While the GM has the job to decide what is proper for his jurisdiction so does the Bishop in his.

3. In Washington, DC just last month, BBF Lodge sent the body of a dear brother mason back to the mid west for burial from his Catholic Church with masonic services performed as a courtesy by the home town lodge.

4. The presentations by the Texas Lodge of
Research are totally incompetant steming from the imagination of well meaning brethren who should IMO stay out of Catholic matters.

5. While in the early 1800's there was a regular masonic lodge in Savanah, Georgia for Catholic priests there today is in Nebraska today a regular lodge located in a Catholic monastery designed for Catholic monks. What is allowed in Nebraska may not be allowed in

6. What is not readily known is the two founding bishops of the American Catholic Church each had brothers who were prominent masons, one being a grand master.