The persistent presence of the non-mainstream masonic lodges in the urban rustbelt

Menelek Lodge in Montclair, NJ
Here we find Menelek no. 1 which was founded by John G. Jones, Esq. in Montclair, New Jersey.  This lodge would serve as an axis for the formation of the MW Oriental Grand Lodge in the city of Newark. The Grand Lodge  building towers over the Newark FOP Lodge No. 12 & Science High off of Route 21, the MW Garden State Grand Lodge on Sanford Ave in Irvington, & then there is the MW King William GL on Springfield Avenue in Newark, New Jersey in addition to the "Internationals" (Banks organization out of Detroit known for their use of fezzes as headgear in the craft lodge) off of Elizabeth Avenue and Hawthorne Avenue in the city of Newark, New Jersey as well as a few more irregular organizations who identify themselves as Freemasons but are not recognized by the Prince Hall Affiliation nor the  mainstream Grand Lodge of masonry in the state of New Jersey.

Most Worshipful Oriental Grand Lodge of New Jersey AF&AM